Is the aiRider a robotic vacuum?

No, robotic vacuums are designed for light duty floor surface cleaning only. The aiRider will handle ALL of your home or business cleaning needs with up to 3 different packages to choose from, based on your personal cleaning needs! 

Does the aiRider really float on air?

Yes, the aiRider utilizes hovercraft technology so it floats across all floor surfaces with ease. Thus, it's virtually weightless when activated!

How much does the aiRider weigh?

The aiRider weights just 6.5 lbs. making it the perfect multi-level vacuum cleaner!

How can you claim it doesn't scratch hard surface flooring?

The aiRider uses patented hovercraft technology so the power unit touches the floor surface when activated, thus no scratching.

Does the aiRider clean stairs?

Absolutely! Weighing in at only 6.5 lbs., the aiRider is easy to use on stairs with a variety of attachments and can be held easily utilizing the "easy grip" handle.

Will the aiRider float off of my stairs while using it?

While we suggest you help balance the aiRider while using it on stairs, it can actually sit on most stairs without floating off!

Does the aiRider work well on any floor surface?

The aiRider is designed to make your home cleaning chores easier. You choose the package that best fits your personal cleaning needs. A wide array of attachments are included to handle every cleaning need you can throw at it, based on the package you choose.

Does the aiRider use a disposable bag or is it bagless?

In a way, both! The aiRider is designed to fit your personal preferences. If you need a disposable allergy bag, aiRider comes with a 10 pk. included for optimal filtration. Remember the aiRider also comes with a re-usable "shake out" washable mesh bag that's great for cleaning automobiles or RV's, or simply keep as an "emergency" bag until you purchase more disposable filter bags!

Do I have to purchase HEPA material filter bags for my aiRider?

While we suggest using the HEPA filter bags for allergy sufferers and for a cleaner indoor environment, standard paper filter bags are also available. If you prefer, you can simply save money and use the included washable "shake out" mesh filter bag.

Are there any additional expensive filters to replace?

The aiRider possesses a small "motor filter" behind the bag to prevent any accidental debris from reaching the motor and should be cleaned after replacing the filter bag. Additional filters are available when it's time to be changed and a year's supply is very inexpensive. 

Can the aiRider be used to pick up water?

No. The aiRider is designed for dry use only.

Is the aiRider covered under a warranty?

Yes, the aiRider is covered by a 1 year limited warranty. Full warranty information can be found here.